Nereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology

Nereda aerobic granular sludge technology is a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable way to meet challenging effluent quality targets biologically, in a limited space.
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Invented by Professor Mark van Loosdrecht at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, Nereda aerobic granular sludge has changed the way the world treats wastewater biologically. Proven at full scale since 2005, Nereda is now enabling wastewater treatment plants on six continents to increase capacity, enhance nutrient removal, and reduce operational costs – while also reducing energy and chemical use. It’s popular as both a new build and retrofit solution.

Compared to conventional activated sludge, Nereda typically achieves better performance with:

a graph to show 75% less footprint
a graph to show 30-50% less power use
a graph to show 80-100% less chemical use


Small footprint
Up to 4 times smaller
Excellent effluent quality
Including biological nutrient removal
Easy to operate
Automated, intuitive, and resilient
Low CAPEX and OPEX, and ability to retrofit
Significant energy savings; no/minimal chemicals; no support media; Low NOx EF

Easily scalable; Key to delivering Net Zero and achieving energy neutral/positive WwTW’s

Nereda® wastewater treatment technology - how it works

How Nereda® Biological wastewater treatment works

Nereda® is a biological wastewater treatment technology that leverages the power of aerobic granular sludge. That means, it uses the same bacteria as conventional activated sludge, with better performance, more resilience and with no seeding or substrate required.

Within a Nereda® reactor, through a simple three-step cycle, the purifying biomass in Nereda grows naturally as compact aerobic granular sludge, with superb settling properties. An important feature of the granules is that aerobic and anoxic/anaerobic zones co-exist. This enables a large variety of biological processes to happen simultaneously, like nitrification, denitrification and biological phosphate removal.

For answers to some frequently asked questions, see our guide under Resources

how Nereda technology works

Working together with our partners to bring the most value to our clients

We have built an inspiring network of specialised partners throughout the world. Check out how Royal HaskoningDHV delivers Nereda® technology directly to the water companies and their contract partners or about our Preferred Supplier program.

Curious how Nereda technology  can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant? -

Curious how Nereda technology can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant?