Resource Recovery

In addition to cost-effective and sustainable treatment of wastewater, Nereda technology also contributes to the circular economy by unlocking multiple resource recovery options.
Wastewater treatment plant from above
These complementary options include:


Beneficial use of the purified water combating water shortages and droughts.


While the Nereda granular biomass purifies the wastewater, the biomass grows. Surplus biomass is a bioresource that for example after a treatment in the Helea™ technology can be utilised in agriculture.


Surplus biomass can be converted into biomethane, e.g. using advanced Ephyra® anaerobic digestion technology.

Kaumera Nereda® Gum

The bacteria that form Nereda granules also produces a valuable bio-polymer called Kaumera Nereda Gum, that can be harvested from the produced biomass to replace fossil-based materials.


As the Nereda treatment process features outstanding level of enhanced biological phosphate removal, this essential but scarce resource can be reused in agriculture together with the bioresource. The phosphate can also easily be harvested as a separate phosphate product like Struvite, magnesium phosphate or Apetite. For example, by using Crystalactor® crystallisation technology.