TU Delft, University of Technology

The original invention of aerobic granular biomass was made at the Environmental Biotechnology group Delft University of Technology by the team of Mark van Loosdrecht. The invention moved from the laboratory to real-life application to pilot installations, and culminated in the opening of the world’s first operational municipal plant in the Dutch town of Epe in 2012. TU Delft is a research partner of Royal HaskoningDHV.


Dutch Water Authorities

Dutch Water Authorities offer support in the start-up of wastewater treatment plants abroad that use the Nereda technology. Board member Mr Gerard Doornbos at Dutch Water Authorities: “Dutch Water Authorities shares global knowledge with countries where water management faces many challenges. We learn from this ourselves and, at the same time, support the export potential of the Dutch water sector. ”



STOWA (Acronym for Foundation for Applied Water Research) is the knowledge centre of the regional water managers (mostly the Dutch Water Authorities) in the Netherlands. Its mission is to develop, collect, distribute and implement applied knowledge, which the water managers need in order to adequately carry out the tasks that their work supports. This expertise can cover applied technical, scientific, administrative-legal or social science fields.


STW Netherlands

STW realises the transfer of knowledge between the technical sciences and users by bringing researchers and users together in funded technical scientific research projects. STW can trace its roots back to the programme for Technical Physics and Innovation initiated by the FOM Foundation at the end of the 1970s. In 1981 STW was officially established as a foundation to serve the entire spectrum of technical sciences. Since then the foundation's objective has been to realise knowledge transfer from excellent technical scientific research.


Stichting Waternet

Stichting Waternet manages parts of the natural water system and the whole water chain. We treat wastewater, produce ready-to-drink tap water and keep the surface waters clean and at the right levels. We do this for the Dutch Regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi en Vecht.

Curious how Nereda technology  can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant? -

Curious how Nereda technology can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant?