Aqua Suite Nereda Controller

The Aqua Suite Nereda Controller is a smart, integrated process controller for Nereda. The controller not only ensures fully automated plant operation, reliable performance and ease-of-operation but also optimised and energy-efficient treatment. It even enables remote control plus real-time remote support from Royal HaskoningDHV.
AquaSuite Nereda Controller l Royal HaskoningDHV

Every Nereda plant is equipped with an Aqua Suite Nereda Controller, a smart, integrated process controller that ensures that your wastewater treatment plant always functions optimally. It fully automates the dynamic selection of the best available Nereda process recipes and enables logging of important process parameters. The measurement data from the system is continuously monitored and analysed, based on which the correct control actions are performed for every situation.

  • Constant and real-time translation of process parameters into process control
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic response to disruptions
  • Minimal energy and (if needed) chemical consumption
  • Presentation of quickly interpreted performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Access to the Nereda Community - My Nereda - with support and additional reports
  • Annual software upgrades, enabling you to benefit from the latest research results and experiences
  • Early warnings: receive a message before something starts to go wrong rather than afterwards

The Twinn Aqua Suite innovation

Aqua Suite is a proven smart water technology that monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. While you gain full real-time visibility across your complete water and/or wastewater network and treatment, Aqua Suite controls your day-to-day operations.

The Aquasuite innovation l Royal HaskoningDHV
Curious how Nereda technology  can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant? -

Curious how Nereda technology can be utilised in your wastewater treatment plant?